The Path to Gratitude

You will find some of my favorite things here and how it all fits together into a Wellness Lifestyle.

Daily Habits

One of my Daily Habits is to include at least 3 litres of lemon water in my day. Tip: We have many choices of water flavors with doTERRA. If you need more suggestions, they  will be found in the Membership section.


My favorite exercise is now Yoga. I like the ability to adapt to what the body requires. I love that a long slow stretch can be as beneficial as quick movement. I also love the focus and relaxation for the mind.


Dream big, plan your future, set goals and display on a Vision Board. Put it up where you will see it every day. You will want to  remind yourself daily of the goals and dreams you have for the future.

Coronado Beach

Coronado Beach is on the farthest side of Coronado Island from San Diego. The sunsets are simply gorgeous. I could watch them every day. You can take the bus to Coronado Island or a water taxi is my favorite way to get there. It runs regularly and is a spectacular way to view and photograph the area.

Las Vegas

I enjoy everything about Las Vegas. I have been lucky to take in Go Pro in Las Vegas, the last couple of years. It is a 3 hour flight and is a great escape from winter for a slightly longer weekend. Looking forward to the next opportunity. Conference + Favorite Place = A Win

South Beach

This beach is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. I loved the whole area. The beach is so well hidden from the street and is breathtaking when you come over the hill. The restaurants are open patios with views of all the quaint cars that cruise down the street.

Daily Habits and More

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