Sept 26 2019

New Products from Convention - Come & try them!

13 New products - so many options!

Morinville Leisure Centre 7-8 pm





Make a Diffuser Bracelet in the color and style of your choice. You can add an oil of your choice to the bracelet and you can choose to pick according to mood. Citrus oils for example, are considered to be very uplifting.


I have added the oils and products into my daily routine. I will share how I do this during the class. You can add 1 thing to your routine. I love to have these options that have come from nature. Before these oils came along, I really hadn't thought about what was in other products.


There are many oils that help support seasonal allergies. Join this class to find out more. This is an area I have the most personal experience with. Some of my favorites are Easy Air, Lime, Siberian Fir and Eucalyptus. Diffusing them at night beside the bed is awesome while sleeping.


Learn how to make an easy personal item & household cleaners. The cost is very little and why not ditch the chemicals? Have you thought about using something non toxic / without chemicals for your family?

MORE CLASSES in a variety of topics are covered. If you don't see the one you are looking for, contact me and I will be happy to customize a class for you and your family or friends.


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