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Essence Pathways began in 2016. I love helping people add natural solutions into their daily lives, educating them about essential oils and supporting them to live a healthier lifestyle.
I began to use essential oils when I developed a cough with allergies. I diffused 2 of our oils and have never looked back.
My husband died from pancreatic cancer 10 years ago. I wish I had been able to support him with these oils. There are so many essential oils to support pain, nausea, sleep, emotions and more.

There really is an oil for that!

Have you heard about essential oils? Not sure where to start?

Feel free to book a Wellness Consult appointment or attend a class in person or online.
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doTERRA extracts the oils from various parts of a plant. It could be from the flower, seed, bark, root, leaves. The oils are steam distilled or cold pressed and chemicals are not needed to extract the oil. The oil is very potent and it is important to learn how to use it properly.

Wellness Lifestyle

When you use the oils in your daily life, you will include the many areas of a wellness lifestyle. Diet, exercise, and sleep are a few of the areas that make up a wellness lifestyle. You need to include some leisure time for yourself. Self care for you ensures you can help others.

Non Toxic

Using products without chemicals and toxins is better for our body and that of those we love, including our pets. I make my own cleaning products. They are easy to make and do not contain chemicals. They are also less expensive than store bought cleaners.

"Holly totally saved me when she sent me Breathe and On Guard to run in a diffuser when I had pneumonia. Nothing else was helping and with those two oils, I could actually get the rest I needed and I recovered quickly after that. Essential oils are now part of my daily life and I have Holly to thank for helping me find them."

Mary Beckett
Certified Aromatherapist
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Monthly Specials

Product of the Month - Laurel Leaf

Laurel Leaf comes from the Laurel evergreen tree , grown in the Mediterranean. The scent is bright and spicy. It supports feelings of uplifting, confidence, courage and concentration. It is good for the skin and makes a good oil for massage. This is a good oil to clean your skin and surfaces with. Diffuse or use topically. This is not a regular stock item and I am excited to try it!


10% Off - Cedarwood

Cedarwood has a woodsy aroma. It supports calm, anxiety, cough and sinuse, infection, issues with the gums, skin irritations, insect repellent and emotions.


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